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Anxiety and HIV Webinar

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1.0 CEUs
Mental Health Webinar Series: Anxiety and HIV

Webinar DescriptionThis webinar will provide an overview of anxiety and HIV. Anxiety disorders and stress are highly comorbid with depression and substance use among people with HIV, but are less assessed, detected, treated and understood among people with HIV. Further, anxiety disorders may be present prior to and may increase risk for HIV acquisition. behaviors.

Designed for the HIV health care professional, this webinar will look at the clinical manifestation of anxiety disorders and stress among people with HIV. Also covered in the webinar: diagnostic criteria; etiology and physiology of anxiety disorders; the impact of stress and anxiety on health; and evidence-based interventions, including prescribing and monitoring psychotropic medications.

Program Agenda1:00PM – 1:05PM: Welcome, Introductions
1:05PM – 1:45PM: Keynote Address
1:45PM – 2:00PM: Q&A/Adjourn
Learning Objectives
  • Examine the prevalence, differential diagnosis, socio-cultural contexts, prognosis, and associated traits of anxiety among people with HIV.
  • Share the diagnostic criteria of anxiety disorders among people with HIV.
  • Evaluate the etiology and physiological effects of anxiety disorders among people with HIV.
  • Outline how clinicians can utilize validated tools and resources to assess the mental status of people with HIV  to determine the need for referral to a mental health provider for treatment.


  • Lawrence McGlynn, MD, ABPN

    Clinical Professor, Medical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Stanford University School of Medicine
    Stanford, CA

February 29, 2024
Thu 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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